Donations to Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund

The Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund relies on donations from supporters to ensure that our grants and programs are fully supported and funded. It is people like you who give each year that make this possible. Please donate today.

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Your Donations Make A Difference

There are many ways that your donation to OACF can assist our community, including:

• $10 buys one 20 minute HIV quick test.
• $20 provides transportation to hospital and clinic appointments.
• $30 delivers a box of groceries to a family living with HIV.
• $50 pays a co-pay for a doctor's visit or medication.
• $150 pays for a half-day training program to educate young people about HIV.
• $300 pays for one month's rent or deposit for a person suffering with HIV/AIDS complications.

Thank You For Supporting the Non-Profit Work of the Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund!
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